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Virtual Reality Studio


We create fresh and seamless immersive experiences.

We use cutting-edge digital technology and 360 film to address societal issues and improve professional practices through immersive experiences. Our applications are designed not just for entertainment but to foster reflection and promote positive change.

What we do

We create your
Virtual Reality solution

Our applications don't just entertain, but resonate

We craft cinematic experiences for positive change, backed by scientific research.

DUTCH national police

A catalyst for effective bias mitigation

Underground shelter

The underground hideouts of Ukrainians

Belgium national police

The first experience with priority driving


News & insights

The potential of Virtual Reality for your company

Virtual Reality is undergoing a massive development and can be of great value to your company, for example through training. Find out more!

Ids Fijen: UX designer at Scopic_Labs

Ids Fijen is UX designer at Scopic_Labs. His drive? Finding digital solutions and identifying improvement opportunities: 'I constantly dive into new worlds'

Virtual Reality: Breaking taboos among Dutch police officers

Ethnic profiling is a common but often unspoken issue among police officers. Learn how VR helps in bringing this phenomenon to light and how it helps to break the taboo.

Priority driving with Virtual Reality: A new training approach for the Belgian Police in Ghent

This innovative approach provides new possibilities: 'On public roads, you can't intentionally seek out dangerous situations. But in a virtual world, you can.'

Our deepfake technology wins "Europol Innovation Award"

The deepfake technology combined with virtual reality is revolutionizing what we can realise in immersive scenarios.

The team

Rebels, creators and innovators

We’ve got a tight team of five specialists, each bringing something unique and we’ve got a network of freelancers to help out with bigger projects. Together, we’re steady yet flexible.
Co-founder & Producer
Erik Jan
Co-founder & Chief Digital
Send a message if you want to talk about windsurfing or user experience design!
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UX Designer

Jobs (2)

We are always looking for people who can inspire us and who love what we are doing.
Internship VR Developer
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