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The potential of Virtual Reality for your company

February 1, 2024

Virtual Reality (VR) is undergoing a massive development. It's almost incomprehensible, the things that are technically possible nowadays, and what it can do to you when you put on a VR headset. It will drastically influence our way of acquiring information and the way we experience the world around us. The possibilities are unprecedented. VR can be of great value to your company. How? Read on!

Let's take a brief step back: What is VR exactly?

With Virtual Reality, you have the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in a virtual world. During a VR experience you wear a special headset and headphones, making it seem like you are actually in that virtual environment. And there's something more. Unlike watching videos on a TV, computer, or phone screen, in a VR environment, you can interact with the objects and people you hear and see. Where you walk or who you talk to is up to you. This makes the experience more realistic and impactful!

Unbridled potential

Currently many companies are already adopting Virtual Reality as an effective training tool. By exposing employees to realistic situations in a virtual environment, you prepare them pragmatically for their tasks, more effectively teaching them the necessary soft and hard skills. This is particularly useful in sectors such as healthcare, where precision and quick decision-making are crucial. But also consider potentially risky work environments, such as priority driving or working as a police officer.

An additional benefit is that using VR reduces costs and risks. Instead of building physical prototypes, hiring actors, or traveling, you can share virtual models with stakeholders around the world. This not only saves money and time but also contributes to a lower environmental impact. Additionally, some things dreamt up creatively cannot be executed in real life - but in VR, there’s fewer limitations!

Classroom in a box

This is how we create impactful VR productions

We believe in combining science, creativity, and practical experience to create immersive VR content.

Take this example. For the police academy, we created an application. In a VR environment, students get their first virtual police experience to support a legal course. This gives them more context to the theory, as well as the reassurance that they are allowed to make mistakes in a safe environment. Because ultimately, that’s how you learn the most.

The impact of Virtual Reality can be both positive and negative. That's why we conduct extensive research before proceeding to production. Science forms the basis of our approach. Testing hypotheses and always staying curious about new possibilities helps us develop effective VR experiences. We continue to test what works and what doesn't, so we can provide users with content that truly has a (positive) impact.

Always tailored

With the growing possibilities in XR and VR, we have gained unlimited freedom to create innovative content. Thanks to advanced technologies, such as 360° image processing and spatial sound, we, together with our partners, realize unique VR productions. Customisation is key. Only then do our solutions truly align with users' needs.

VR is certainly not just about technology but also, especially, about its application in the real world. That's why we develop virtual training programmes in close collaboration with our client. An educationalist, for example, as well as employees. After all, they know best how things work in practice. That way, we deliver the most realistic training possible.

Are you curious about the possibilities VR has to offer for your organisation? We'd be happy to help you explore. Check here for more information or request a demo directly.

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